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Osceola Turkey Hunts

All That are in search of acquiring a Grand Slam must come through Florida to get their allusive Osceola. Because of Supply, Demand, location and quantity, it is by far the most expensive bird of the four, but mark my word, well worth it! There's nothing Quite like going from the brown up North down to the lush green of central Florida in mid-March. I have chased Osceolas spring and fall for 25 years and lived in Central Florida for the last 18 years. In doing so, I have racked up 109 Grand Slams for myself and have guided countless others to theirs as well.

I have several Ranches that I lease for Spring Osceolas. The largest is 13,000 acres with the smallest being 10 acres. Don’t be fooled, the 10 acres sits in the middle of an non-hunted 6,000 Ranch and would be my first choice to be on opening day. I am the only hunter that is on any of my leases, so the pressure is low and I allow only half of the toms that are known to be on each Ranch to be harvested.

I book several hunters each year with almost a perfect success rate. IF someone doesn’t get their bird with me, it’s because they had to leave early due to an emergency and they are the first to re-book with me the next year. IF you don't harvest your bird and have to leave, I will allow you to come back the same spring, at no extra charge to get your Tom. You can look over my reference list and ask me for names and phone #’s if you would like. I am heavily entrenched with The National Wild Turkey Federation and donate generously to their great cause each year.

Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions about booking a hunt for your Osceola.

Florida’s Southern Zone opens the 1st Saturday of March and the Central Zone opens the 3rd Saturday of March.

Southern Zone Osceolas are available on a limited basis and are ~$500 more than the below pricing.

The following prices are for all Central Zone Turkeys.

3 1/2 Day Hunt
1 Bird for $2,375
Included: 1 Bird
Not Included: Weapon, Food, License, Lodging, Transportation and Guiding

3 1/2 Day Hunt
1 Bird for $2,675
Included: 1 Bird and Guide
Not Included: Weapon, License, food OR lodging

Please note that an additional bird is $1,975 and it is NOW legal to Harvest 2 Osceolas on the same day in Florida! Due to the shortage of Osceolas, I need to know IF you do want a second Tom, when you book your hunt.

Florida Osceola Turkey Hunts

Hunt for the allusive Florida Osceola Turkey.
All Grand Slams come through Florida.

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