World Class Hunting Experiences with Champion Turkey Hunter Jeff Budz

About Jeff Budz

I've been in the outdoor world for the past 35+ years chasing many a North American animals as well as African Plains Game, BUT my true passion is pursuing the Grand Slam of Turkeys. I have harvested 500 birds myself, was the first to have gotten a self-guided Longbeard from all 49 states, completed 109 Grand Slams to date and won the 2015 World Turkey Hunting Championship. With all that said, my most memorable moments have come when I've been there to see countless others complete their own Grand Slam.

I do hope that my success, experience, professionalism, knowledge of the outdoors and overall attitude about life will leave you with a smile on your face and pictures of your trophy in hand.

So, it comes down to trust before you send your money to a stranger for your hunt that is months away. All I can ask you to do is to check out my References and Google my name to find not one negative comment.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have.

THANKS and God Bless you!!

370" NM Bull
    2015 World Turkey Hunting Champion
198" CO Mule Deer
  • Hunting Tips from the Turkey Freaks
    Field & Stream
    "Statistically, Jeff Budz is the world’s biggest turkey freak. At 47 he is closing in on his 400th turkey and has registered more Grand Slams with the NWTF than any hunter in history. The 61 slams tallied by the late and legendary Dick Kirby were once thought to be as untouchable as Roger Maris’s 61 home runs. But once Budz got his first in 1994, he registered quadruple slams (16 turkeys each calendar year) from 1999 through the present. He now has 91 and isn’t slowing down."

  • Self Searve Slam
    Outdoor Life
    "It took a while, but you finally called in and killed your first wild turkey. Since then, you've become more adept at filling a tag or two each season; you think you have this turkey-hunting thing figured out. Now it's time to up the challenge and perhaps escape your usual haunt in search of greener pastures-maybe ones where Rios, Merriams and Osceolas roam. You want a Grand Slam.

    Jeff Budz, a self-proclaimed turkey fanatic from Illinois who now resides in Florida, is the quintessential do-it-yourself Grand Slammer."

  • The Working Man's Grand Slammer:
    A Profile Of Jeff Budz

    National Wildlife Federation's Turkey Call - Scott Bestul

    If the Energizer Bunny ever decides to retire, Colorado turkey hunter Jeff Budz could step into the role without rehearsal. Budz just keeps going . . . and going, racking up an impressive string of low-budget Grand Slams, mostly on public land . . .
  • Pursuing The Slam
    Secrets Of The Turkey Pros

    North American Hunting Club
    Yet if Turkeys could talk in human words, they would acknowledge that they have been up against a few experts. Several of those people have been recruited to "Talk Turkey" with us on the pages that follow . . .
  • Postcards From The Hunt
    State Journal Register - Ralph Loos

    The 'pleasure of the hunt' drives Jeff Budz, as success is getting him national recognition . . .
  • Turkey Trek A Slam Dunk For Hunters
    The Denver Post - Bob Saile
    Jeff Budz of Boulder is one of the elite. He not only achieved the slam in 1995, he doubled his pleasure with two mature gobblers of each subspecies . . .

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